Measure and manage brain health and performance

Connected technologies for the autonomic effects of how we all live, work, and play.

  • Our watches measure the autonomic nervous system while blending into daily life demands. Order here.

  • Our tablet app monitors sympathetic effects during sessions and aligned with audio and notes across sessions.

  • Our mobile apps visualize personalized data from events and places while showing how relaxation techniques work.

  • We aim to solve how life demands affect brain health and performance.


Our biowatch, neuma, measures the sympathetic nervous system as accurately as clinical research equipment. For your participants, the watch enables continuous measurements during daily life demands. Mobile software adds ecological validity tied to locations, events, and conditions of interest.


We bring validated equipment into your sessions. Our wearable technologies are easily used wherever the effects of stress are felt. Tablet computers turn session readouts into real-time analytics, relating sympathetic responses to subjective accounts and across the history of recorded sessions.


With Fortune 500s, we work to explain how their key metrics and operations are driven by how their people feel every moment of every day. Our data insights show the widespread effects of companies on brain health, from deadlines and meetings to management layers and diverse locations.

Your Data

Your brain is an organic computer. How you feel affects how you perform. Our mission is to develop validated biometrics tied to the stressors of daily life. With our data co-op, you learn more about how stress affects you and those with similar professions, locations, cultures, and health concerns.

Our Technologies


Our biosensing watches help measure and manage the autonomic nervous system in a design that blends into daily life demands. Our goal is research-quality data with minimal demands on the wearer for daily insights and personalized biofeedback.

Tablet Software

Our tablet software is designed for clinicians to readily enable research-quality autonomic measurements in recorded sessions. The physiological data is easily incorporated into session goals and analyses to examine the personal triggers behind stressors.

Mobile Software

Our mobile software incorporates our watches into the context of daily life demands. From events and locations to timelines and relaxation tools, the personal data insights are automatically generated from cues already on mobile phones and triggered by the biology.

Learning Algorithms

Our analytics are designed to relate the personalized physiology of acute and chronic stress. We're working with researchers and organizations to analyze their anonymous data into reports for operational insights and health outcomes across large groups.

Our Vision

"Imagine mapping whole cities and countries based on when and where stress spikes,' [Goldberg] said. 'We dream of a future where stress is a score that we all know and discuss, in the same way we talk about our weight or blood pressure. Imagine how a view of the stressed planet would change how we see stress"

"The aim of the research is to create detailed records of what is triggering anxiety, says Darin Dougherty, director of MGH’s division of neurotherapeutics. 'Previously, treaters had to rely on the patients’ subjective memory...The device 'provides moment-to-moment objective data regarding a patient’s anxiety symptoms,' and both the doctor and patient can see it."

"Companies don't have to use bespoke tools to create happier workers. Devices used to measure various health indicators can also gauge worker happiness. Neuroscientist Rob Goldberg believes that pushing people is simply bad for the brain. The result is that they don't do their best work. 'We really need to push the perspective that brain health and performance are one and the same thing,' he says."

"Neumitra...has a big vision: It wants to help everyone stress less, no small feat in this turbo-charged world. The first step it’s making toward that aim is an app...which monitors your body’s stress levels through a wearable watch and alerts you through a mobile app as to when you should take a step back and try to relax."

"Golf is one subset of a larger project for Goldberg, who has formed a company called Neumitra with two colleagues, Anand Yadav and Safiyy Momen. The idea, Goldberg said, is that anyone can use the device to monitor and manage stress. Of particular interest to the group are those who have post-traumatic stress disorder."